Thursday, May 04, 2006

How to Find Foreclosures in your area

There are so many ways to find foreclosures in your area. I tell people to pick one or two ways that they like and work it at least four days a week. My favorite ways are letters and flyers. Some people are good at finding phone numbers, others use bird dogs (people who bring customers to you) some use the yellow pages, classified ads, realtors, and trades people such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.

I get a list that is updated daily, from the register of deeds. I then go thru the list and look for homes with equity in the areas that I like. Using my computer, I print out personalized letters and envelopes that I mail to each homeowner. I do this at least three times during the foreclosure process. Then I go out and deliver flyers to their front door on the first day the notice of default is filed at the register of deeds. That way I am one of the first to the door.

Why be first? My philosophy is be first last and in the middle so I am First to mind when the homeowner realizes that they must do something to solve the Foreclosure problem.

So you are first of mind when they think about solving the problem but what are you going to do to stay in first place and not get knocked out by the completion? You must come up with a unique selling proposition. Something your completion is not doing. In my area, homeowners in Foreclosure may receive up to thirty letters and flyers plus a dozen or so people knocking on their door and asking them to sell. You must do something different to set yourself apart from the completion. I have two things I do that work well for me. You need to come of with one or two and use them to set yourself apart and get the homeowner to call you when they realize they need to solve the problem.