Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Foreclosure ad writing

Writing ads for Real Estate wanted is a study in headline writing. Newspaper classified ads are a practice in economy. You have to wow the reader with your first few words otherwise they will skip on down to the next ad leaving you for someone who tells them what they want to hear within the first 3 seconds.

You have three seconds to get them; the time it took you to read this line, maybe less.
How do you get there attention and more importantly how do you get them to pick up the phone and call you. What do you say to them when they call? How do you find out if they have what you want and if you have what they want. All good questions and the answers are the key to making a profit from the ads.

There are several ways to write headlines, some people use shock, others say what they have to offer, some use cute lines. The most important thing to remember is seller are primarily interested in themselves. What the seller is saying to himself, as he reads down the column of ad is, What’s in it for me? What do sellers want? They want the most cash for their house, The fastest closing, no need to clean up there mess, plenty of time to move, no need to spend anymore time or money repairing the house. Somebody to listen to them and understand there needs.

Your headline in the ad needs to grab the sellers attention and tell him/her what you can do for them.


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